Privacy & Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a tiny text file put onto your computer by websites that you visit which stores information about what you do on that site. Most websites use cookies of one sort or another for example  to store your preferences such as what sort of products you like to buy in online stores or whether you’re logged into a site or not.

Most cookies do not store any sort of identifiable information about you. Think about them as footprints in the sand – you can see where you’ve been but can’t tell much about you as an individual.

Cookies on this website

We use cookies in two ways.

Firstly, to store login and password details of the site Administrator.

Secondly, if you add an item to the shopping cart then a cookie is created to remember that you’ve done this.

We are confident that both of these uses of cookies are completely safe, relevant and unintrusive.