Laser Hair Removal

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What is IPL Laser?

IPL Laser or Intense Pulsed Light is a highly effective alternative to conventional hair removal techniques such as waxing, depilation and shaving. IPL targets and disables hair at the follicle to give a permanent reduction in hair growth.

How many treatments do I need?

Hair growth happens in three different phases and permanent results are achieved during one particular phase. This means typically a course of 6-10 treatments will be needed to see the best results. Facial hair is affected by hormonal imbalances so we advise 10-12 treatments may be required.

Am I suitable for treatment?

Our IPL Practitioners will carry out a comprehensive consultation and patch test, they will then advise you of the results you can expect to achieve. Our IPL system is proven to work on almost all skin types (1-5). Unlike other IPL systems, our SkinBase system allows our practitioners to fine tune the setting to suit our clients specific skin and hair combinations and obtain the best results possible for you.

How does it feel?

Our SkinBase IPL system uses a special cooling handset applied to the skin prior to treatment making our IPL treatments infinitely more comfortable than other IPL systems and methods of hair removal (Waxing, Direct Laser or Electrolysis).

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