After-Service Policy

After-Service issues:

As a service business, we do our utmost to provide the highest quality treatment service we can, if no issues are brought to our attention prior to the customer leaving the salon then we consider that the treatment has been provided to the required standard without further liability.

We do however accept that due to the use of third-party products in our treatments, results/expectations can vary on an individual basis. We also accept that accidents can happen around aftercare which can also affect results/expectations, for which we bear no liability but do our best to help.

In this event, we undertake the following customer service procedure:

  1. We will ask for an emailed description and photos of any after-service issues that may arise, so we can understand the issue and offer further aftercare/process reassurance. 
  2. If we feel that remedial action is required, we will ask the customer to return to the salon as soon as possible (ideally within 24 hours but within 7 days maximum) so a qualified senior therapist can see the issue first hand and provide free aftercare/remedial treatment action where necessary.
  3. In the case of Shellac nail applications, it can be expected that the serviced finish will last approx 14 days with good aftercare by the customer (but this is not guaranteed and can vary due to many factors), to this end, we offer a free 7 day repair service on all Shellac applications.
  4. If after attending a free remedial action appointment and following the given advise, the issue cannot be resolved, then a discretionary/gesture of goodwill credit may be added to the customers account towards ongoing/further services.
  5. In the event that the customer does not wish to (or is unwilling to) undertake the free remedial action/s offered or is unable to attend such an appointment for reasons out of our control, then as a gesture of goodwill a ‘percentage’ of the service cost ‘may’ be credited to the customers account towards ongoing/further services

We always do our very best to provide customer satisfaction and operate a zero tolerance policy of abuse/intimidation of our staff and such behaviour will result in the cancellation of the customers account and further service appointments at our salons will not be permitted.