Semi Permanent Make-Up – Coming Soon!!!

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We are planning to introduce a complete range of semi permanent make-up treatment services into the salon very soon!Semi Permanent makeup is now an established beauty procedure, in which carefully applied permanent pigments, made of pure, inorganic minerals, are placed in the dermal layer of the skin. It is hypo-allergenic, and there are no fragrances, emollients or other ingredients added.

Your preferred colour is implanted into a lower layer of the skin, where it remains for up to 5 years. A virtually limitless choice of colours is available. The make-up is perfectly safe and has been approved by doctors.

Popular areas that can benefit from this treatment are Eyebrows (particularly beneficial for sparse or very fair brows), Lip Liner or Lip Blush (Correct lip shape or symmetry, change the shape & shade of your lips), Eye Liner and Eyelash Enhancement (Define your eyes with permanent eye liner and/or create a fuller look to your eyelashes with colour top and bottom).

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