Covid-Secure Policies

Please see the info regarding our Covid-Secure polices. We have produced two videos with details of what to expect when you arrive at our Covid-Secure salons, and important info you should be aware of in 'Preparation of your visit' to our salons.... … [Read more...]

Mobile Booking App

Book your next appointment with your preferred therapist and at a time convenient to YOU directly from our NEW Mobile App!!! DOWNLOAD IT NOW......and also benefit from....... ***FLASH OFFERS*** Get instant notifications of exclusive special offers on treatments and products, be the first to benefit from flash offers!!!...... ***NEWS*** ....Be the first to hear about NEW and upcoming products and … [Read more...]

HD Brows Microblading – Biggleswade Salon

At The Beauty Cabin® Biggleswade Salon!!! WHAT IS MICROBLADING? Microblading can be referred to under many different names; eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow tattooing, microstroking and hair like strokes to name a few. However, to put it simply, microblading is a form of permanent make up (tattooing) used only on eyebrows, using ultra-fine lines to design a brow shape, that lasts! FREE Pre-Consultation … [Read more...]

Russian Lashes

The Russian Layering & Russian Varia Techniques (also known as Russian Lashes and 3D-6D lashes) originated in Russia and have recently made a breakthrough into the US and Europe. This multi-lash technique involves adhering synthetic, ultra-fine lashes onto a single natural lash. The main benefit of Russian Layering is that it gives clients a full, high impact glamorous look with maximum … [Read more...]

Express Lashes

EXPRESS by Nouveau Lashes provides the ultimate short-term lash solutions, combining a range of looks: Strip Lashes, Individual Lashes & Lash Fillers (Cluster lashes). The three application techniques within Express enable our therapists to create a fuller lash look which can last anything from one day (Strip lashes), up to two weeks (Express Individual Lashes). Treatments Strip Lashes - … [Read more...]

Aurora Vertical Sunbed

Available at BOTH our salons, our Aurora is the market leader in high powered vertical sunbed technology,  it has 60 x 225W tanning tubes ensuring a deep, even, all over tan. The Aurora is the ultimate in customer comfort with a body cooling air jet system controlling a gentle breeze across the body during the tanning process. Treatments are available in 3, 6 or 9 minute intervals and in courses … [Read more...]

IPL Laser Hair Removal

What is IPL Laser? IPL Laser or Intense Pulsed Light is a highly effective alternative to conventional hair removal techniques such as waxing, depilation and shaving. IPL targets and disables hair at the follicle to give a permanent reduction in hair growth. How many treatments do I need? Hair growth happens in three different phases and permanent results are achieved during one particular … [Read more...]

HD Brows ‘MASTER’ Stylists

The Beauty Cabin is proud to be THE FIRST salon in Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire to offer HD Brows 'MASTER' stylists. HD Brows Master stylists are not only qualified and experienced in HD Brows but have further honed their skills to reach the pinnacle of the HD Brows qualifications enabling them to perform and perfect the latest brow trends including brow lightening, ombré effect, and brushed … [Read more...]

Make Up by HD Brows Stockist!!!

Official Make Up by HD Brows Stockist!!! Make Up By HD Brows is the latest celebrity must-have from the HD Brows brand. Already a favourite of professional make up artists, this capsule collection contains all of the make up you need to create the look for you; whether you desire the ‘no make up, make up’ effect, that ‘sunkissed glow’, or the glamorous ‘red lips’ style. As the only approved … [Read more...]

LVL Lashes!

What are LVL Lashes? LVL stands for Lift, Volume & Length and is a revolutionary alternative to eyelash extensions that provides you with longer looking lashes without the need for eyelash extensions or harsh perming techniques. Low maintenance and long lasting LVL is a low-maintenance and long-lasting treatment. Treatments take approx 45 minutes and the results are immediately visible, … [Read more...]